Ticketing for your social media presence.

Learn how Pagelanes can improve your customer interaction.
Here's how it works

An Interaction

Someone interacts to your page. Whether it’s a post, comment, direct message or review, we’ll help you listen to what your fans and followers have to say.


The Ticket

We generate a ticket every time your customers and fans interact with your page. You receive a notification in-app, via mail or push. All tickets across all your pages are collected in one inbox.


Answering Your Ticket

The easy thing now is to just answer the ticket (with a custom text or a template you’ve created) and close the ticket. Or close the ticket right away, if it’s not something that needs an answer.


Taking Action

Every answer or like you sent is also being posted to your page in real time. This allows you to work on all your pages from within Pagelanes without needing to go around and see what happened and what you need to do.

More Ticketing Features

Distribute all open tasks among your team so everyone knows what to do.
Use ticketing to engage and wow with quick and thorough responses.
Set up answers as templates and use them as quickly as they’re created.
High Priority
Pin the most important tickets to the top of your queue for a better overview.
If there’s more to your interaction, we’ll update you in the same ticket.
Tickets open back up automatically if there's a new interaction.
Every ticket for all your pages is stored for later use.
Receive every ticket as it happens without having to leave Pagelanes.
All the changes everywhere are updated automatically as they happen.
Internal Discussions
Decide how to respond together with your team.
All Types
Private messages, posts, comments, reviews are all brought to you as simple tickets.
Never miss a thing with the complete feature set of our ticketing system.