All your work in
one, really good space.

Make your work in social media more efficient with Pagelanes. It’s an easy and effective social media management app to organize all your pages, content, customer interaction in one tool. Even if you’re a freelancer working alone – we’re on your side.

Plan Your Content

Use our content calendar to plan ahead. If you’re finished with something, we automatically publish it for you. With our reminders you will never forget a thing. Updating pages will be more fun than you knew was possible.

One Inbox for all Customer Interaction

Stay up to date with all your customer interactions. Never forget a thing and never go looking for something. We keep tickets for you. So you can go ahead and do your work.

Collaborate with Clients and Team Members

Invite your clients or colleagues to collaborate with you when working on a page. Ditch the e-mail back and forth and switching between accounts. Simple sign-up for your guests.

Discuss and Approve

Talk to your clients or team where you need them. Ask for feedback, changes or input from who you need. You get to decide when you let clients see your work to sign off on it.

Daily Digest

You receive an optional mail every morning, letting you know which content will be published today and what still needs work today.

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