Great brands
come from great planning.

We don’t make complex back and forth easier. We dispense with it. Pagelanes is a tool to efficiently handle content and customer interaction and manage campaigns to present your brand on your terms.

A Better Workflow

Get rid of all the e-mail chains, spreadsheets or versioning conflicts with your social media. One tool for creating, planning and publishing content, customer interaction and all the insights you need. This makes managing a social media page professionally simpler and faster than ever before.

Improve Your Campaigns

Plan campaign cycles and individual content far into the future with our calendar. Once everything is ready and you’ve approved of it, we will publish it under your name. This way you can sit back and focus your attention elsewhere.


Create postings in seconds to react to current trends. You can focus on creating your best work. If a someone posts to your page, you instantly receive a ticket. It’s all in one dashboard. Designed to give you more possibilities.

Expand Your Team

Bring in team members, freelancers and agencies with no problem. You can keep the complete oversight and give approval on content or comment on fan interaction. There is a feed logging every change and comment from all users.


Our in-app support chat is here to give you quick answers right away. if you haven’t already tackled your problems with our knowledge base. We’re here for you all the way.

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