A tool to
empower your agency.

Pagelanes is an easy and effective social media management app. Created with efficiency and oversight in mind. You and your team can quickly bring drafts to finished postings and answer all your fan’s posts. The is the tool your team deserves.


The perfect tool for your editorial team to work from idea to finished post. Making collaboration on creating content simple, efficient and comprehensible. From editors, project managers, clients to interns – bring everyone into the process when and if need. All in a single, efficient workflow.

Content Editor

Our user-friendly interface helps to create posts with all the functionality you’re used to from Facebook and Twitter. Edit copy, add images links or video, set time and date – anything you need to plan ahead. With versioning, we save all your edits and so you can quickly go back and restore anything. Our feed lets you know who changed what and when.


Take advantage of our ticketing feature to answer your customers and fans. Everything posted to your page is collected as a ticket in one inbox. No need to switch accounts or check from page to page. It’s all here in a single stream for you to work on.

Internal Discussions

Comment on a customer inquiry our annotate posts by users. The internal discussion is your space to make sure you get the answer right, precisely where you need it. With tagging and assigning it’s easy to get an answer from specific people within your team.

Team Collaboration

Invite your colleagues and clients to work with you for effortless collaboration. One interface lets you assign who gets to work on what pages. Use our assigning feature to pass the ball onto a specific person to utilize their input. Ask for approval and input from someone with just a click.

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