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Content Creation

  • Scheduling

    Every post is published when you see fit. Reschedule, change times, duplicate or delete postings, keeping you limber and fast. Everything happens when you want it to, while you can focus your attention elsewhere.

  • Content Versioning

    When creating content, you can always go back and forth and restore previous versions of the things you created. We’ll keep track of all the changes you made, so you can improve on what you create.

  • Approval Process

    Discuss, draft and finish content with your teammates and let them or clients go over it before it is released. Nothing is published unless explicitly wanted by at least one member of your team.

  • Facebook & Twitter

    The major social networks are completely integrated with their functionality as far as their APIs allow. No workarounds, no tricks – experience all the features you’re used to.

Content Calendar
Plan ahead for all your accounts in one simple interface.
Let us do the publishing for you or remind you of content that’s still open.
Post Types
Create all the content like you usually would, in advance.
Content Versioning
We save all your changes and let you go back to whichever version you see fit.
Approval Workflow
Content is only published when those who need to have signed off on it.
Real-time Editing
All the changes everywhere are updated automatically.
Team Management
Add and remove team members and clients easily to wherever they are needed.
Mobile Approval
Approve content wherever you are and never forget a thing.
Drag & Drop
Reschedule postings quickly as you need to while keeping all your settings.
Internal Discussions
Collaborate and discuss all the ideas your team has gathered.
Facebook & Twitter
Complete integration of these APIs.
All our features are built around simple workflows to make your work easier.

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Customer Interaction

  • Reliable Ticketing

    No more checking individual accounts and pages. Every interaction by one of your fans and followers is collected and displayed in one inbox for you to read and work on immediately.

  • Team Collaboration

    Your team can work on a posting collaboratively, discuss answers internally, ask others questions. You can decide on what to say together, to make sure you give the right answers.

  • Complete Documentation

    Pagelanes keeps track of all changes and versions so everybody is up-to-date on what’s happening. Now you have the complete history of all actions in your hands. Always be in the know.

  • Real-time Updates

    Everything that happens with your pages, happens on Pagelanes as well – instantly. If your fans keep commenting on your content, all is collected on the same posting

Distribute all open tasks among your team so everyone knows what to do.
Use ticketing to engage and wow with quick and thorough responses.
Set up answers as templates and use them as quickly as they’re created.
High Priority
Pin the most important tickets to the top of your queue for a better overview.
If there’s more to your interaction, we’ll update you in the same ticket.
Tickets open back up automatically if there's a new interaction.
Every ticket for all your pages is stored for later use.
We’ll let you know when you are needed - via mail or push.
Receive every ticket as it happens without having to leave Pagelanes.
Internal Discussions
Decide how to respond together with your team.
All Types
Private messages, posts, comments, reviews are all brought to you as simple tickets.
Never miss a thing with the complete feature set of our ticketing system.

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