Your Social Media calendar is waiting to be filled

Learn how Pagelanes can improve your content creation workflow.
Here's how it works

The Content Calendar

With a simple calendar you can easily create, plan and publish your content to all your pages. It enables teams to quickly collaborate on postings and to see the status of every post.


Choosing a Content Type

You want to create content for your pages. Create posts with text, links images, albums, milestones, tweets; just they way you’re used to.


Composing Content

Create faster with the Content Editor. You can preview your content to see how it will look when it’s finished so you won’t need to test it. Use notes to mark other important dates and info.


Approval States

Set different states for your content. Drafts for unfinished work, In Review to get approval and Approved for finished postings that will be published automatically.


Team Collaboration

Assign your post different team members to your content to have them work on it, get their approval or just comment on it.


What Happens Next?

If your posting was approved, it will be published just as you wanted it. Drag & drop a post to change time and dates quickly or go back and make changes to get your post just right.


Create Better Content

– Fast overview with our Content Calendar
– Plan in advance
– Quickly gather ideas and drafts
– Keep the quality and tone consistent

More Content Features

Content Calendar
Plan ahead for all your accounts in one simple interface.
Let us do the publishing for you or remind you of content that’s still open.
Post Types
Create all the content like you usually would, in advance.
Content Versioning
We save all your changes and let you go back to whichever version you see fit.
Approval Workflow
Content is only published when those who need to have signed off on it.
Real-time Editing
All the changes everywhere are updated automatically.
Team Management
Add and remove team members and clients easily to wherever they are needed.
Mobile Approval
Approve content wherever you are and never forget a thing.
Drag & Drop
Reschedule postings quickly as you need to while keeping all your settings.
Internal Discussions
Collaborate and discuss all the ideas your team has gathered.
Facebook & Twitter
Complete integration of these APIs.
All our features are built around simple workflows to make your life easier.