The past few weeks have been very hot here, so we found shelter in the cool comfort of our office, which lead to us finalizing a few new things and improvements to Pagelanes. We busted this thing wide open and when the dust settled, we realized we had a new version on our hands. We’re really excited to share this with you – so let’s take a tour through all the shiny new-ness, shall we?


This feature allows you to compose and schedules items in your content calendar, without having to worry about them being published. You can use it to leave messages, sketch rough ideas, mark the starting date of a campaign, add important dates or events to your content calendar, or schedule reminders for platforms that don’t have allow for easy integration with Pagelanes. They can be set as visible for your whole team (Public) or just for assigned members (Private). Basically you can use it for anything you want to, except maybe as a replacement for a cat. It’s not really useful for that. We haven’t tried that though, so you’re just gonna have to take our word for it.

Notes allow for endless possibilities to organize your work with Pagelanes even better. This is something that’s been a long time coming and something we spent a whole lot of time with. We wanted it to not just be drafts with a different coating, but something that adds to you and your team’s workflow. Let us know via the in-app Support button in the lower right corner how everything is working for you.

Interface improvements to the Content Calendar

Your content calendar is your superhero sidekick. While you were out on your superhero actions, we’ve taught it some new tricks like a wise sensei. The first new trick is that content that you’re not assigned to has less opacity to its color. This will give you a better overview when scanning your calendar to see where you’re needed. Because you’re a superhero, remember?

The second new trick in the arsenal is that you can now hover over a content with your mouse and it will give you a preview of the image you have uploaded. That means you don’t even need to click the post to see it inits entirety. The next hover-related feature we will be incorporating is a hoverboard integration. (That’s not really true since hoverboards are still not a real thing and we don’t know how we would integrate Pagelanes into them. But we can dream, can’t we?)

Better Video Uploads

Are you sitting down? Because your uploads are gonna be much faster. 2000x times faster than before, in fact. But who’s counting, right? This is of course depending on your upload speed at any given time, but we’ve done a lot to ensure that everything moves quicker essentially. Not so fast that your face will get all wobbly like a dog looking out the window while driving, but faster than you thought.

In addition you can now upload videos with up to 1GB in size, which is the maximum the Facebook API allows. The upload is also much more reliable since it happens via our new Amazon S3 hosting. When Facebook increases their upload limit we can follow suit right away.

That’s all so far in terms of functionality you will come in contact with. As always, there’s been several improvements under the hood. Next up are some major parts on our roadmap that we’ll take out in huge chunks with the veracity and fearlessness of a great white shark. You’ll find out all about it of course, with our in-app messages and blog updates, until then follow us on Twitter or Facebook for other updates.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Thomas from Pagelanes