Hey there,

we’ve had a slew of updates happening in the past week alone, so we figured we’d write a little something to sum it all up for you.

First and most important of all, we renewed our entire back end over the past two or three months. Everything is running much faster and smoother behind the scenes here, which frees our time up to release new features to the front end faster. All the updates described in this post are the result of this. There’s still much more and bigger things to come. For now we have the following for you:

Priority Tickets

We have introduced Priority Tickets, a new way for you to mark the most important tickets. These tickets will stick to the top until you have valiantly closed them, plus every following interaction by someone on the ticket will trigger an instant notification so you can keep tabs on the ongoing development.

Improved ticket display

Sometimes fans and followers delete their postings, we now display this information right with the ticket in your stream. In addition we have improved all our ticket displays, so you will have improved views of tagged people and hashtags within tickets, interactions on milestones and videos.

Default avatars
There’s also new default avatars in Pagelanes. We know how confusing work can be when there’s no face attached to people you work with. Colors and initials will now tell you who’s there on your team. Along with that we’ve also improved our assign tickets window to display more team members at a glance.

The biggest news of all

And the moment we know you’ve been waiting for: We now support stickers and emoji. It was vital to us, too.

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Thank you for your attention, until the next time,
Thomas from Pagelanes