In due time we’re gonna delve deeper into who we are and what each one of us does at Pagelanes. This is a quick description of each team member, in order of when each of us got to work on our toddler. Despite our parent-like fondness for our own product, we’re not gonna refer to it as a baby because it’s development is not really comparable to that of a baby. Also, the word toddler sounds much more fun.

Marcus Pohorely (Founder & Lead Development)
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He is not just the lead developer for Pagelanes. He is a Champion of Code that willed this tool into existence and is constantly sculpting Pagelanes into the beautiful shape that it has now. He reminds us of a master gunslinger in the Wild West – the minute you report a bug or present an improvement to Pagelanes he has already implemented it leading us to laugh at his speed in disbelief. And him to leave his keyboard and mouse slightly smoking. Not because of sheer speed, but because he’s actually going out for one of his quick smoke breaks.

Raphael Copony (Co-Founder & Account Management)
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Those are just his titles on the door…and on the business cards. Raphael (affectionately called DJ RAW for his past life as a DJ) is our product manager. Known for his love for planning, thinking about everything ten steps into the future, making plans for all possible scenarios (like a multiverse coordinator), counterbalancing the rants and stress of us and generally making Pagelanes a better product every day. In addition to that, he keeps contact to all of you users and taking care of their hopes & dreams. But only the ones regarding Pagelanes, because the title of Multiverse Coordinator doesn’t equate to a Wishmaster.

Thomas Pokorn (Co-Founder, Creative Direction & Communication)
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Creative, smart and funny – this is what describes him best. Thomas is mainly responsible for client service and communication. If you’ve received one of our mails or found some witty copy within the app it was certainly written by him. Apart from that he likes to work on details throughout Pagelanes that you might not even notice, but are essential to him. Thomas has an oft-demonstrated, vast knowledge of pop culture, spanning internet memes, movies and music. His superhero memorabilia (not all are Batman-related) are our favorite office items. While he is not getting his hands dirty in the digital domain, he does so screenprinting posters at his own studio Das Voyeur.

Jürgen Genser (Front-end Development & Social Media)
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Apart from Pagelanes, Jürgen also works as a designer. As such, he is the ideal hybrid and it’s a pretty perfect fit that he devotes his energy to making the purdy face of Pagelanes link up with the brains of the whole product. Besides the front-end work he also takes care of our social media presences. Should you think that that’s an odd duty to add to Jürgen’s mix, you should also know that he chose this task himself. Why? Probably because he enjoys playing with his smart phone so much. Not nearly as much as he loves gaudy 80’s rock and going on the elusive hunt for the perfect Instagram photo though.

Joris Rigerl (Design Lead)
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Joris is responsible for that UI you’re feasting your eyes on when you’re a Pagelanes user. He also has the thankful task of channeling our hopes and dreams into a sensible design. This is extra-dangerous because sometimes he has to do this with all of us staring at what he’s doing right this second with our collective “Ooohs”, “Aaahs” and “Hmmms” surround him until it gets to much for him. Yet despite our meddling sounds of micro-management he always manages to come up with genius solutions to make our product that much more aesthetically pleasing.

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