We’re finally online with our complementary Pagelanes blog. Here we’ll discuss new features, neat little things within Pagelanes that you might have missed and insights into making Pagelanes. Also, odds and ends that we want documented for future generations to learn from, that didn’t fit in anywhere else.

Just so you know: We’re always hard at work at making Pagelanes better with new features, things that you don’t even see that make the whole operation run smoother and the generally beloved bug fixes. So if we don’t have a weekly update for you on here, we’re probably knee-deep in Pagelanes, making it feel like a comfortable old leather chair next to a fireplace for you.

The next article will drop here soon. Not just soon-ish, but real soon. Should have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us via support@pagelanes.com

the Pagelanes team