Hey there,

we’ve been keeping quite busy these past few weeks. All this hard work has finally paid off, we’ve released a brand new version of Pagelanes last night. This comes with many improvements, tiny changes and all-around greatness that we’re really, really, ridiculously proud of. We’re back in a big way. And this is not just us being high from all the polish we used on the app. So what’s new with Pagelanes? Well. Basically, everything. Let’s walk you through the details.


Schedule Tweets with Pagelanes
You can now compose and schedule Tweets using all our content-related features like approval workflow, assigning and internal discussions. We are releasing the Twitter integration as Beta. But the Beta doesn’t know it’s a Beta, which is why it’s acting as if it were an Alpha – functioning really good to the point that it’s beating its own chest.

Please let us know if you have any feedback because we want our Twitter experience to be an amazing experience. Just like the entire app, we’ll be continuously improving our Twitter integration for your comfort. Twitter Ticketing will follow soon, but we want to create something that works better than all other apps in the biz. That’s also the reason Twitter scheduling is being released now, because we always wanted to make sure we get it just right. There’s already too many awkward experiences in the world. Like watching a nude scene in a movie with your parents there.

Real-time – So quick and so fast
Tickets, Conversations, Detail Views; just about everything is now in real-time. You’ll notice the difference, as everything is a lot snappier and that makes working in Pagelanes much more fun. Click on something and you instantly see the results. That’s how it should be and we’re happy that it is that way. It’s so fantastic that it almost feels as if we trapped a wizard in Pagelanes who’s waving his wand at everything you do.
(DISCLAIMER: Pagelanes does not keep wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, mages, enchanters, he-witches or necromancers in its employ. All magical things that can occur when using Pagelanes, like swords getting stuck in stones or things turning into gold are known issues and purely coincidental.)

New Content Calendar
We redesigned the Content Calendar to give you an even better overview of what’s coming up. We noticed that not a lot of people use the monthly quick view and upcoming content sections. Your subtle hints have been taken to heart, so we sat down with these two features over coffee and told them it wasn’t working for you guys and us any more.

This new layout works much better on different screen sizes, since apparently you’re not all glued to Pagelanes on gigantic control room monitors like we are. This might sound quaint after all this change, but we hope you’ll enjoy the all-new monthly view we’ve created. We found working with it to be a breeze. If you don’t feel the same tell us why, or have a co-worker breathe air onto your neck. That should fix any missing breeze-related feelings for you.

Other new things and improvements:

Content Versions
Any changes you make to your content like copy edits, new images etc. are now all automatically saved with your updates and are restorable. No more copying and pasting for you. You live the good one-click life now.

Realtime Feed
Something’s happened. You’re working on a ticket or content. You’ll see it instantly in the feed section. In short, we’ll tell you what has happened before you even know what has happened. Does that make us psychic? Probably.

New tickets that you haven’t laid your eyes on are now marked with a green bar. This is not your conscience, the system knows what you haven’t read. Looking at new stuff in Pagelanes is 5,4% more fun now.

Quick Close
In all ticket previews there is now a dialogue that allows you to close tickets you’ve glanced more quickly. Fewer clicks means fewer frowns means less need for clowns. Everybody wins.

Send & Close
There’s a new option when sending tickets, it allows you to not just send your reply, but close the ticket in one fell swoop. Again, fewer clicks means that there will be less clowns.

Ticket History
We’ve tweaked the Ticket History a bit so you can see more tickets at once and everything loads faster. We know that you rarely venture to this section, it’s sort of like a cemetery. Be comfortable in the knowledge that we’ve put new flowers and candles up.

Load Times
Apart from real-time everything will load faster because of Ticket caching. You don’t have to know what that means, but fast = good, right?

That’s it regarding the core functionality. There’s been a couple other tweaks, renewals and coats of paint. This release is another preparation for releases to become more fast, albeit maybe with the same level of furiousness. Just like the hit movie franchise, we want every installment to be better than the last one. Our roadmap is filled with feature requests all coming from you guys, thanks for all the great input. We’re honestly excited to get to work on them. But of course we’re gonna let you know about all of that with the next update, until then follow us on Twitter or Facebook for other updates.


Thanks for reading all this if you did,
Thomas from Pagelanes

(Thanks to Lou Levit for the background photo.)