The team
behind Pagelanes

Meet: Us

We are a founder-led, privately owned company. We’re not a big team, which allows us to work fast and implement changes daily. This leaves nothing between us and our customers. Every team member is constantly growing in his role and growing new skills.

Marcus Pohorely
Founder / Lead Developer
Raphael Copony
Co-Founder / Product Manager
Thomas Pokorn
Co-Founder / Communications
Joris Rigerl
Lead Designer
Jürgen Genser
Mario Sommer

Our Story

Pagelanes was founded in late 2013 with the goal to make a web app that makes working in social media easier. Our history is short and easily told: We started as a side project and are still completely self-financed. We’re seeing thousands of content items and tickets generated every day for over 30 million people, all through our product. Our service is used by big global brands, top agencies and smart freelancers. We couldn’t be prouder of our users.

Our tool allows for ticketing, content scheduling and publishing and a full set of team collaboration features. Our insights help you improve over time. Our goal is for users and clients to be able to professionally manage their social media pages from one service that serves all their business needs.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our clients’ workflow in our product and enable a complete set of functionality that aids in professional social media management. As such we would never integrate APIs that don’t allow for full use of a platform’s feature set or workarounds that you can’t rely on.